Interracial Reletionships

Mar 12

Minny Jackson is one of my personal favourite characters from the help exuding ample amounts of confidence, strength and even vulnerability. She is loud, cheeky and not afraid to speak her mind which usually results in trouble. She puts on a tough exterior but beneath all of that is a vulnerable women who actually does have emotions and does in fact get affected by all the mean things she pretends to bounce off of her back. I admire Minny’s courage as she has an abusive husband (Leroy) who comes home drunk and then beats her up. “If I don’t hit you Minny, who knows what you’d become.” – Leroy to Minny. This is a great example of how Leroy tries to explain to Minny that by hitting her, he is helping her. We as the reader knows that this is not true and would think of an easy solution that Minny should just leave Leroy. This strong, corageous women cannot do it, she cannot leave Leroy because she loves him and is afraid what he will do if she leaves. She struggles to find the strength to walk away and this shows her vulnerability and how she becomes weak in front of Leroy.

“They don’t like you ’cause they think you white trash.”- Minny to Celia Foote (her white boss). This quote shows how Minny is not afraid to speak her mind and will tell you exactly how it is without bothering to sugar coat it. She is not a people pleaser and prefers to be honest which does sometimes come across as rude.

Minny is known for her top class culinary skills and that is what attracts her to most of the white women. This is something that Minny takes very seriously and will not allow anyone to discredit her for it. When Celia asks her to burn the chicken a bit in order to make it more believable to her husband that she made it, Minny replies, ” Minny don’t burn no chicken!” This is an example of the love and care that she puts into her cooking.

Beyond the book, I see Minny Jackson as a very successful chef who eventually managers to open up her own deli/cafe which is not¬†initially¬†accepted by the white community of Jackson, Mississippi but they eventually do come around. She has now left her abusive husband and has fully immersed herself into her work and into raising her five kids. Her kids all attend school and Minny encourages them to work hard reminding them how fortunate they are as she didn’t have this opportunity. Hilly still hats her from when she told her to “eat her shit” and made as if she had put it into a chocolate pie. She has upgraded her living conditions and continues to help members of the coloured community to improve their standard of living. All in all, Minny has really made a life out of her life.

- Bilqees

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  1. abbiebilqeesnicky
    6:32 pm - 3-12-2012

    yes i totally agree with what you are saying, but throughout the book, i know that minny loved to cook. But do you think she really has a passion for it or she just did it because its her job?

    • abbiebilqeesnicky
      1:05 pm - 3-13-2012

      Personally, throughout the book I got the feeling that she really enjoyed it because it was the one thing she was purely good at. She never completed school as she had to become a maid to help her family earn some money so this might be a reason she is so proud of her cooking because it is something she is truly good at. “Fried chicken just tends to make you feel better about life.” – Minny. This explains how Minny loves food and even uses it to cheer her up.
      - Bilqees

  2. abbiebilqeesnicky
    6:32 pm - 3-12-2012


  3. abbiebilqeesnicky
    4:12 pm - 3-13-2012

    Minny takes pride in her cooking skills. Her cooking is what made her a desirable maid for Hilly’s mother. She uses her skill to seek revenge on Hilly by tricking into eating poo which was in her pie. This is later used as their “insurance” in order to keep Hilly from exposing them as the collaborates of the book. – Abbie

  4. abbiebilqeesnicky
    6:51 pm - 3-13-2012

    oh yes, now I agree with you guys. I forgot that she didnt finish school but, yes I agree with you Bilqees cooking makes her feel pure hapiness. I would say that I found her one of the most entertaining characters, i always looked forward to read about her because i love her personality -nicky

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